Custom Shark Shirts That Are Totally Jawsome

It’s officially summer and you know what that means? The most glorious week of the year is upon us!

For those of you living under a rock for the last decade, Shark Week is an annual, week-long programming block produced by the Discovery Channel which features shark-based programming, real and fictional. In a nutshell, it is amazing and all shall rejoice in it amazingness.

In honor all things Shark Week, our talented team of designers have put together the most fantastic gallery of shark shirts. We offer classic, trendy, and funny shark designs on the most popular products offered in custom apparel. Customize any one of our designs by swapping it onto a different product or changing the color, font, and text. What’s better than watching these beloved creatures with your own custom shark gear? That’s right – nothing. Now go watch it, and try to live every week like it’s Shark Week.

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Wear Your Vote With A Pro or Anti Hillary Clinton Shirt

2015 is halfway over which can only mean that an election year is almost upon us. You’ve most likely seen some presidential candidate commercials already and have heard the political jargon that comes along with it. It’s all cool, calm, and collected now but the chaos of mudslinging will soon be upon us and we all know who is going to take some serious punches this election. That’s right – Hillary Rodham Clinton. has created a gallery full of designs with new and trendy art that can be customized at your leisure. Love her or hate her, we have pro Hillary Clinton shirts and anti Hillary Clinton shirts to meet your preference. Love a design but want it on a different shirt, tote bag, or water bottle? You can simply swap out a design onto multiple products making it easy to show your support or hate for any presidential candidate.  Feel indifferent? Either way, we have plenty of political shirts to satisfy your patriotic needs. Use your freedom of speech and start designing!

Have a strong opinion on who should be the next president of the United States? Create a FunnyShirts custom apparel storefront and put your opinion on a shirt!

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Custom Funny Glassware For Drinking Enthusiasts

Having a 5 o’ clock drink is a celebration and for some us a necessity. Hard core fanatics take their beverage selection very seriously so they should take their glassware just as seriously. Whether you love beer, liquor, or just your morning dose of coffee – we have the perfect glassware for the avid drinker in your life.

Our custom glassware is perfect for any special occasion. Design custom shot glasses for your buddies bachelorette party or custom koozies for that group getaway you’ve been planning for years. Funny Glassware helps set the tone of any event or vacation. With our newest addition of custom flasks, you can take your drinking game to the next level. These flasks allow you to take your liquid beverage anywhere you go and can be a great accessory at your next tailgating event.

If boozin’ isn’t really your thing, we also offer a variety of custom coffee mugs from your standard coffee mug to stainless steel travel mugs.  Dads always need to be reminded that they are best and greatest. Customizing a coffee mug for Father’s Day can be the sweetest and unique gift you can give him. You can easily add his name or even upload your favorite photo of the two of you. With our funny drinkware you can create the most simplistic or the most hilarious design and the best part is no minimums! No minimums and customization make it easier for designing the perfect gift for your drinking buddy.  So what are you waiting for? Start designing and get your drink on!

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The Funniest St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

The time has come to dress your best in green apparel and drink all day like a champion. That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is here!

We all know that St. Patrick’s Day has a much deeper meaning than green beer and shamrock shaped glasses but whatever your objective may be this year, FunnyShirts has the perfect St. Patrick’s Day shirt for you. We’ve put a list together of custom St. Patrick’s Day designs that will surely get you all kinds of attentions while you are strolling the streets this year.


Frowning Irish Eyes: A hilarious and trendy design that can set the mood for your St. Patrick’s Day activities.

Obi Wan Beerobi: The perfect blend of St. Patrick’s and pop culture? Yes please!

St. Patty’s Filthy Drunk: The ugly sweater has made it way to St. Patrick’s Day? Could this be anymore epic?!

Follow Me To The Green Beer: If you bring it, they will come.

Irish Drinking King: Bow to me as I drink more beer than thee.

Kiss Me I’m Drunk Shot:  A classic saying with an updated design and art.

Genius Irish Stout: A hoody with a pocket for all your beer on St. Patrick’s Day? Genius.

Irish Boy Wasted: Who says you have to be a white girl to get wasted?

Get Ready To Stumble: Stumble, fall, or crawl – It’s not a secret that you’ll be doing all of these things.

Irish Thing 1 and 2: Matching shirts for you and your best bud because we all know you won’t be partying alone on St. Patrick’s Day.

The best part about FunnyShirts St. Patrick’s Day shirts is that you can take any design and put it on matching hats, socks, or scarves. Makes it easy to dress for running events, pub crawls, or standing on the cold, snowy streets of Boston. Scarves and hats don’t sound like a bad idea depending on the weather and what city you choose to celebrate in this year.

Start your pub crawl, chug your green beer, and have a great time this St. Patrick’s Day with one of our funny St. Patrick’s Day shirts!

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Tailgate This Season With The Perfect Hoody

Tailgating – host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium. To most Americans tailgating is a way of life with millions of individuals taking part each and every year. Tailgating gives elite fans a chance to show off their sports pride and their love for their favorite teams.  What better way to show your awesomeness off than with the most decked out custom tailgate hoody.  Not just any hoody but a hoody with a built-in pocket that is a perfect fit for your refreshing beverage. The insulated pocket has reinforced stitching that keeps your beverage sturdy whether you’re playing corn hole or flipping burgers.  It is also equipped with a bottle opener to make your life just that easy.  You heard right.  An insulated pocket and a bottle opener.

And it’s no big deal if drinking is not your thing. The tailgate hoody is designed to accommodate any outdoor activities with a velcro seal that is great for storing and keeping your valuables from bouncing around like your cell phone, music device, or wallet.  The tailgate hoody is perfect for about anything football season, running, hunting,  fishing, or just to get your drink on.

We love how the tailgate hoody is so versatile and we would love it even more if you shared with us how you use your hoody!


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The Presidents are Ready to Party. Are you?

The Fourth of July is almost here. We can’t wait to take the day off, soak up the sun, wear our funny 4th of July shirts, and enjoy being ‘Merican!

The only people who are probably more excited for the Fourth are Abe, Uncle Sam, and George, and old Ben.

Just look at them getting their party on.

Show your American pride and party with the presidents this 4th with our Party Presidents shirts! They want YOU to!

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History Only Remembers Men With Great Hair

The greatest men in history have one thing in common. It’s not honor, intelligence, or valor. It’s not their remarkable feats or accomplished missions that landed them in books or television.

It was simply their memorable and perfect hair.

We’ve added new iconic hair art so that you can now wear your favorite icons on your custom tees!

You can now relive your favorite 90’s classics with custom Ace Ventura shirts! Honor the great pet detective. How does a man save Dan Marino and not be considered an icon?

Custom Ace Ventura Shirts

Team up with your buddy and customize Wayne’s World shirts. No one has shown us the meaning of friendship like Wayne and Garth. Party on, boys.
Custom Waynes World Shirts

Oh you had more historic men in mind? Maybe an Albert Einstein shirt is what you were looking for. Good thing we have that too.
Custom Einstein Shirt

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Custom Star Wars Parody Tees, Tanks, and Sweats

What do Bob Dylan, Milton Glaser, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, and Star Wars have in common? 

Well those guys (and gal) contributed some pretty amazing and innovative works of art to society and helped shaped the way we understand and appreciate art and music today.

Star Wars is the most epic story of all time and is equally as groundbreaking and significant in the fabric of pop culture.

In honor of the upcoming Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, we have created three original illustrations combining the styles of Glaser, Warhol, and Munch and some of our favorite Star Wars characters.

The Custom Chewy parody sweatshirt is a reference to Milton Glaser’s famous poster of singer, song writer, flower power era icon, Bob Dylan.
Vintage Chewbacca Parody

Marilyn Monroe was the princess of 60’s, but Princess Leia is an intergalactic icon. Gift a Princess Leia Warhol tee to the biggest Star Wars fan you know. Our Princess Leia design is a parody of Andy Warhol’s legendary Marylin Diptych.
Custom Leia Parody

NOOOOOOO one in all of the universe can do The Scream like Darth Vader. Customize your tee, tank, or hoodie and recreate one of the most famous paintings of all time. Edvard Munch’s, Expressionist era, The Scream is noted as being “an icon of modern art.” Be a trend-setting icon of modern t-shirts in this Star Wars parody design.
Scream Vader Parody

However you choose to customize the coolest Star Wars parody apparel is up to just don’t wait a long time because May the Fourth is not far, far away.

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Funny Baby Bibs

Funny Baby Bibs

Funny Baby Bibs

Even though your baby might not be able to talk yet they already have a one of a kind personality! One of the best times to capture babies in all their glory is during mealtime. Express your baby’s character during meals by outfitting them with custom funny baby bibs from Funny Shirts.Org!

Since you can never have too many baby bibs lying around check out our entire gallery of baby bibs including our popular designs: These Fools Put My Cape On Backwards and Baby Food Eating Champ!


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Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Custom Ugly Christmas SweatersLooking for an ugly Christmas sweater? We have lots of cool options! However, these aren’t your grandma’s Christmas sweaters. Our “sweaters” are actually designs that create a cool printed illusion of stitches on whatever type of shirt you want instead of the typical itchy stitched designs of yesteryear. So, you can put your design on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or even a tank top if you’re daring! Plus, we have some really cool designs, because nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like mustaches, cats, zombies and video games. Right?


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