Funny Fantasy Football Shirts For The Win

You’ve waited all year for this moment. From draft day to the preseason, you’ve done all research to prepare for complete and total domination. This season you are setting the tone and you want everyone to know that  Now all you need is the pièce de résistance – a funny fantasy football shirt.

It doesn’t matter if you are a winner or a loser you can easily create a custom fantasy football shirt.  Don’t believe us? Check out this video and our step-by-step instructions below! offers one of kind fantasy football art and designs created by our talented in-house art department. With our easy to use design center there’s no reason to keep searching for that perfect design when you can simply create it yourself. Here’s how:

1. Choose your favorite funny fantasy football design in our gallery.

2. From there click the “swap out item” tab in the top right corner of the design center and choose from tees, tanks, jackets, and much more. We offer several different styles for men and women as well as a huge selection of accessories like steins, koozies, and shotglasses!

3. Start designing by:

– adding your own text

– adding art from our massive art library

– uploading your own personal image or photograph to select styles

4. Select a size and add to cart!

These step-by-step instructions are simple to follow, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our amazing customer service team. They are available Monday through Friday via phone, chat, and email and would more than happy to assist you in creating that perfect design!

Funny Fantasy Football Shirts

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The Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names

The Fantasy Football season is nearly upon and you know what that means? Work productivity is about to be at an all time low. Just kidding! It means drafting a winning rooster and creating a hilarious team name to impress your buddies. Creativity and humor is key. Here are a few of our favorite Fantasy Football team names:

Titsburg Feelers

Somewhere Over The Dwayne Bowe

Rice Rice Baby


Kibbles n’ Vicks

Multiple Scoregasms

The Double Ent-Andres

Dolla Dolla Billz Y’All

Romo Sexuals

Vick’s Kennel Club

What’s best about our Fantasy Football Shirts is their customization factor.  Take one of our designs and change up the colors and add your hilarious fantasy football team name. It’s that easy.  Do you have funny fantasy football team names you think are worth sharing? Learn how to create your own storefront and start designing!

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Funny 4th of July Shirts

Be a True American and Customize a Funny July 4th Shirt

Grab your grill tongs and your beers, the 4th of July is almost here! ‘Muricans favorite holiday is just under a month away and that means it’s time to order your funny July 4th shirt

We’ve got shirts about beer, the flag, and Back to Back World War Champs shirts.
Champions Belt Champ

We have 4th of July hats, Koozies, bikinis, and shot glasses.

We have Star Spangle Hammered crop tops and USA drinking team tees.
Neon Spangled Hammered

The FUNNIEST 4th of July shirts are at Think you’re funnier? Show us and customize your July 4th shirt to say whatever you want. Either way you’re still exercising your Merican right to free speech and celebrating our great country with all the custom July 4th apparel you need.

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Customize Funny Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is less than one month away!

Don’t get your dad the same, tired, ol’ things he gets every year (you know- another tie, another basket of smoked sausages, another bottle of whiskey). Instead, treat Dad to something personal and funny.

Customize a funny hunting shirt if stalking wildlife is how your dad spends his free time.

If It's Brown It's Down

Make sure your dad is ready for football season with a custom Fantasy Football shirt.

Keep Calm & Draft On

Does Dad get a chuckle from all things rude and offensive? Customize a funny, offensive shirt so he can tick off everyone he meets… and love every minute of it.

Fucking Fuck

Is Dad not a t-shirt guy? We have custom beer steins for the man that prefers all things brewed.

Keep Calm You Drunk Ass And custom coffee mugs for the hours it’s not acceptable to drink beer.Bill's Initech Mug


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Manly Man Shirts for the Manliest Men

Funny Shirts now has a line of shirts for very manly men and only very manly men. Shirts about meat and bacon. Shirts about manly mustaches and bold man beards. Shirts about manly man work outs.Huge Missed SteakOur manly men shirts are so manly that they make other shirts look like dresses.Moustache And GirlsOur manly man shirts are so manly that other shirts try to date our shirts.Steak Is GreatOur manly men shirts are so manly that other shirts wrinkle at the sight of our shirts.I Love MeatOur manly men shirts are so manly that they wear other shirts… as sweat towels. 


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Custom Star Wars Apparel


It’s the Official Unofficial Star Wars Day.

May the 4th.

Coined a long time ago in a place far, far away (the ‘70s in the UK) May 4th became May the Fourth. Since then, Star Wars fans all across the globe have recognized today as Star Wars Day.
Custom Star Wars Apparel

Use the fourth wisely to read as many of the books as you can. Use the fourth wisely to watch all of the movies. Like Yoda all day, use the fourth wisely and speak. Use the fourth wisely to play with this Yoda translator. Use the fourth wisely and share all of your Star Wars jokes before tomorrow.

We wish we could bask in our love for Star Wars everyday, but, alas, the force is strongest on the fourth. So before the walls close in around you, use the fourth wisely to customize a Parody Star Wars shirt! We’ve created Star Wars parody art by combining elements of the classic story with other pieces of art and pop culture. A bold blend of the finest arts, a re-mix of  relevance, a modern mash-up, if you will.

On this epic day, with you may the fourth be.

For the information, thank you, Wikipedia.


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Funny Marijuana Shirts


Happy April 20th, Stoners!

Funny Marijuana ShirtsNo one can really be sure how the number 420 became so inextricably associated with smoking weed, but it is and it’s here. There are many explanations and highdeas about how the term “four twenty” came to mean getting high and this article from HuffPost makes a pretty good case, but the real truth of the matter is that we don’t care how it started.

We’re just really really happy such a beautiful day exists.

Keep Calm Clear Bong Cannabis Chills Geta Bong

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“Why do you keep calling my Calvin?” Rick & Morty Parody Shirts

This “Why do you keep calling my Calvin?” design from our collection of Rick & Morty parody shirts represents the ever elusive Triple Entendre. We see Double Entendres every day. But a Triple Entendre? Oooh, those are special.

There are thee references:

-Rick and Morty

-Back to the Future

-Calvin and Hobbes

How do they all tie together? Let’s take a inter-dimensional trip through the worlds of three classic pieces of pop culture to figure it out.


Rick and Morty is our new favorite show on Adult Swim, and is partly inspired by Doc and Marty from Back to the Future. One of our Rick and Morty designs is illustrated in the style of Calvin and Hobbes. In fact, it is a rather accurate reflection of the cover art from Scientific Progress Goes Boink, but with Morty and Rick (aka Marty and Doc) in the place of Hobbes and Calvin.

It’s pretty clear that Rick, Doc, and Calvin all have something in common: they’re all crazy inventors. Dreamers. Doers. Mad scientists. Well, not “mad”, but definitely scientists. In this particular scene from Scientific Progress Goes Boink, Calvin has just invented the duplicator. He’s obviously a genius, because his only materials seem to be a marker and a cardboard box. A box, which by the way, would go on to become a transmogrifier as well.

What else do they have in common? The name Calvin. And the curiosity about this name.

In this art, Calvin #2 (aka Morty #2) has just emerged from the duplicator. He is brand new to this world. He knows nothing. Not even his name. Why do you keep calling me Calvin?

This is the same question that Marty asks in Back to the Future.


When watching Back to the Future, have you ever noticed that half the dialog is comprised of jokes contrasting 1985 and 1955? The joke format is roughly this: Here in 1985, we’re doing all these crazy things that would seem totally alien to someone in 1955, including…

-electing an actor to the presidency

-drinking caffeine free soda

-wearing underwear with brand names printed all over them.

This last joke is delivered by Marty’s Mom, Lorraine. When Marty hits his head in front of his mom’s house, she takes care of him. Marty is knocked out cold, and apparently Lorraine removes his pants while he sleeps. (Kind of creepy, right?). It leads to this conversation:


Lorraine Baines: I’ve never seen purple underwear before, Calvin.

Marty McFly: Calvin? Wh… Why do you keep calling me Calvin?

Lorraine Baines: Well, that is your name, isn’t it? Calvin Klein? It’s written all over your underwear.


So in this mash-up art, we are combining Back to the Future and Rick & Morty and Calvin & Hobbes to make one cohesive statement, or rather, to ask one cohesive question: Why do you keep calling me Calvin?


Edit: we received a cease & desist letter from Turner’s attorneys. We’re very sad. We genuinely believed our designs were parody and constituted “fair use”. More is explained here.

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