Celebrate 420 With The Best Weed Shirts

April 20th has become synonymous in the United States as a day to celebrate and rejoice in all things marijuana. While some individuals take this opportunity to stir some political action for legalization, others just take the day to relax. Regardless of how you may observe 420 FunnyShirts has put together a list of our best weed shirts to commemorate the day or just to give you a good laugh.

My Dope Credit Score

My Magical Drug

Herbivore Dino

Weed Slouchy Sweatshirt

My Delivery Guy

So High Right Meow

Special Brownies

No Worries Just  Smoking

Best Buds

No matter how you associate with 420 FunnyShirts has the perfect design for you. Take any design from our gallery and customize it  onto a different product, color, or style to make it exactly what you want. These designs are only some of favorites but make sure to check out all of our weed shirts and start customizing!