Funny Birthday Shirts

Every year you get older and a little bit wiser. For some, getting old is a tough a pillow to swallow while for others it’s the next step towards independence. The best approach to any birthday celebration is to make it as funny as possible. Over the hill sayings, inappropriate jokes, or even hilarious shirts to harass the wearer and make them the center of attention – these are all recipe for a memorable party. At FunnyShirts we do our best to make you laugh out loud with our designs so look no further, we have all of the funny birthday shirts you have been looking for.

FunnyShirts has an abundant collection of birthday shirts for you to choose from. Whether your theme is simplistic and classic or downright embarrassing, we’ve got you covered.

We have designs in the following categories:


16th Birthday

21st Birthday

30th Birthday

40th Birthday

50th Birthday

60th Birthday

70th Birthday

Maybe it’s not a monumental┬ábirthday celebration and you don’t see the age you are looking for. Every design in our gallery can be customized. This means you can easily change the font, art, and text or even swap the item onto a different product. Think you have a funnier concept than any of our funny shirts? Start from scratch! With over a hundred products to choose from and thousands of pieces of clip art you can make your vision come to life.

But don’t just stop with a shirt. Create matching accessories like koozies, sashes, or shot glasses for the birthday boy or girl. Or better yet, design matching hats for everyone to wear during the birthday festivities!