Red Heart Designs Supplies A Demand With Custom Apparel Storefronts

At FunnyShirts we like to offer opportunities to all of our customers to say whatever they want and put it on a shirt. Now as our custom apparel storefronts take full swing, our customers are brilliantly noticing a need for more designs in specific categorizes that have even more potential to sell to a wider audience. Red Heart Designs noticed the absence of birthday designs and seized the opportunity to start a storefront targeting this specific niche. With great designs and the ability to get their designs out on social media makes Red Heart Designs FunnyShirts storefront of the month.

They didn’t just stop with birthday designs. Red Heart Designs has added some hilarious and ready to customize designs that we personally can’t get enough of. They also do an incredible job of  paying attention to what FunnyShirts is currently marketing and the new trends that we are adding to the website. Really – what better storefront could we ask for?

Like we said, another reason we love Red Heart is their activeness on social media channels like Wanelo where they highlight their designs with effective hashtags. Not only does Red Heart do a great job of adding great designs but also making sure their designs get seen by the right consumers.We salute Red Heart Designs for finding a target market and effectively advertising their efforts on social media.

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