Tailgate This Season With The Perfect Hoody

Tailgating – host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium. To most Americans tailgating is a way of life with millions of individuals taking part each and every year. Tailgating gives elite fans a chance to show off their sports pride and their love for their favorite teams.  What better way to show your awesomeness off than with the most decked out custom tailgate hoody.  Not just any hoody but a hoody with a built-in pocket that is a perfect fit for your refreshing beverage. The insulated pocket has reinforced stitching that keeps your beverage sturdy whether you’re playing corn hole or flipping burgers.  It is also equipped with a bottle opener to make your life just that easy.  You heard right.  An insulated pocket and a bottle opener.

And it’s no big deal if drinking is not your thing. The tailgate hoody is designed to accommodate any outdoor activities with a velcro seal that is great for storing and keeping your valuables from bouncing around like your cell phone, music device, or wallet.  The tailgate hoody is perfect for about anything football season, running, hunting,  fishing, or just to get your drink on.

We love how the tailgate hoody is so versatile and we would love it even more if you shared with us how you use your hoody!