The Best Shark Shirts For Shark Week

You can hear it coming and it’s not fear that you’re feeling – it’s excitement. Can you hear it? The infamous cadence of something swimming deep below the surface emerging into the week that everyone has been waiting for – Shark Week.  Discovery Channel’s Shark Week first aired on July 17, 1987 and has become one of the longest-running cable television programs. Everyone knows that sharks are kind of awesome. Over millions of years these prehistoric creatures have evolved into the prefect predator and we’ll never go into the water again thanks to Hollywood’s take on them. Although, not all fear sharks and that is shown through and through with dedicated fans tuning into Shark Week year after year. Why hold out for one week a year to show your love for all things sharks when you could wear it whenever you want? In honor of Shark Week, our talented team of designers have put together the most glorious gallery of the best shark shirts.

Shark Shirts

Create a funny parody design based off pop culture or something specifically for Shark Week. offers classic, trendy, and funny shark shirts on the most popular products offered in custom apparel. Customize any one of our designs by swapping it onto a different product and changing the color, font, and text. This year we’ve incorporated all over printing that allows users to print designs from edge-to-edge. You can even upload your own high resolution images straight from your phone. Create a design just on the front of the item or from front to back. It’s totally jawesome.

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